History of Fireplace & Patio Trends

A look back at 40 years of Fireplace & Patio Trends, warming Orange County homes and making backyards beautiful since 1981. Bill Nacca, owner of Fireplace & Patio Trends is a progressive innovator in the industry. His legacy of specialized services and custom installations continues to present day.

The timeline below presents key milestones in the history of this family-owned and operated business.

  • Bill Nacca Fireplace & Patio Trends Owner 1968

    Bill Nacca joins U.S. Navy and finds a home stationed in Southern California.

  • Bill Nacca Holds His First Born Daughter 1970

    After returning from the Vietnam War, Bill holds his first born daughter, Michelle, already 3 months old, for the first time.

  • Bought Fireplace & Patio Trends Showroom in Orange 1981

    Bill and His sister Mary Ann join together to buy Fireplace & Patio Trends in Orange, California.

  • Orange, CA Fireplace & Patio Trends Larger Store 1988

    Bill & Mary Ann out grow their first location and expand into a larger store in Orange.

  • Fireplace & Patio Trends 10,000 Sq Foot Showroom 1995

    Fireplace & Patio Trends expands again to a 10,000 sq. foot location in Orange.

  • Largest Fireplace & Patio Showroom in Southern California 2000s

    Bill and his daughter, Michelle, continue to share their decades of knowledge and expertise with customers in one of the largest fireplace and patio showrooms in Southern California.

  • Fireplace & Patio Trends New Showroom Today

    After nearly 30 years in the same location, we're excited to start a new chapter at our new showroom location. You can now visit us at: 820 N. Tustin St. Orange, CA 92867.